Business Checking

BusinessFirst Checking

Any time we can make your business banking easier and less costly, that’s good for you and it’s good for us. With BusinessFirst Checking, there’s no charge for the services you use the most: no transaction fees1, no fee for electronic monthly statements, no minimum balance for access to the Cash Management services that make your business run efficiently. (If you prefer paper statements, of course they are still available for $5.00 per month.)

BusinessFirst Checking at a glance.

Unlimited transactions and monthly electronic statements are included. Additional Cash Management services are available as you need them – so you pay for what you use. See Business Deposit Account Schedule of Charges for more information.

BusinessFirst Checking at a Glance
Online Banking No Charge
Electronic Statements No Charge
Controlled Access No Charge
Unlimited Transactions No Charge
Paper Statements $5.00 per month
À la Carte Cash Management Services2
QuickBooks-DirectConnect 7.50 per month
Wire Transfer Module - includes 2 Security Tokens $12.00 per month
ACH Module - includes 2 Security Tokens $35.00 per month
ACH Per File $5.00 per file
Positive Pay $50.00 per month
Security Tokens $6.00 each (after 2) per month

The First County Bank Zero Balance and Cash Concentration Accounts

Managing separate accounts for different locations or for various accounting purposes can be complex and time consuming. Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA) and Cash Concentration Accounts (CCA) from First County Bank give you increased control over disbursements, collections, and cash flow, letting you concentrate funds where you need them most. Read More.

The First County Bank Zero Balance and Cash Concentration Accounts let you:

  • Automate funds transfers between accounts and maintain a zero balance at the end of each day
  • Minimize idle cash in various accounts, which represent unproductive funds
  • Maintain one master operating account for more efficient cash management

1 Examples of transaction fees include per check fees, per deposit fees, bill pay fees.

2 Additional terms, conditions and fees apply.