First County Advisors

Estate Planning & Trust Solutions

First County Advisors offers a wide range of trust, fiduciary and investment services for individuals and families, from highly sophisticated tax and estate planning to serving as an experienced trustee or executor.

Our advisors will meet with you to analyze your total financial situation including lifetime planning, retirement and estate planning. We will structure a plan to help you reach your goals.

Estate and Transfer Planning

  • Estate review and recommendations
  • Protecting against lifetime physical or cognitive impairment
  • Trust planning for family wealth preservation
  • Gift planning and coordination
  • Wealth replacement and business succession


  • Testamentary / Living Trusts
  • Guardian and Conservator
  • Supplemental or Special Needs Trust
  • Successor Trustee

Other Investment and Fiduciary Services

  • Agency Accounts or Agent for the Fiduciary
  • Custodian Accounts
  • Foundations, Endowments, Charitable Organizations
  • Wealth Replacement Trusts (life insurance)
  • Succession Planning
  • Non Qualified Deferred Compensation Trusts