Lockbox Services

Let First County Bank Lockbox Services provide you with a dedicated post office box to receive customer payments, offering fast and cost-effective way to manage daily collections. Invoices, checks and correspondence are imaged, processed and balanced according to your instructions.

  • Provides fast access to deposits and reduces collection “float”
  • Frees staff from time-consuming processing tasks
  • Safe and secure
    • Detailed reports via email, fax or hardcopy
    • Check images and data available via secure website or CD
    • All servers backed up and secured by disaster recovery site
  • Increases efficiency
    • Reduce manual entry errors
    • Automated exception control, including stop-file look-ups with online review capability
    • Remittance files can automatically integrate with and update your accounts receivable system
  • Improves cash management with updated deposit and remittance information available throughout the day
  • No set-up fees

We recommend meeting with an experienced First County Bank representative to review your current remittance processing workflow. Our experts will be able to help you determine the necessary components to implement your Lockbox Services.