Privacy Policies


In the normal course of our business, we may request or receive social security numbers from customers, employees, job applicants and others. At First County Bank, we are concerned about privacy and appreciate the fact that social security numbers deserve special protection. As a result, we have implemented policies and procedures which are designed to: (1) protect the confidentiality of social security numbers, (2) prohibit unlawful disclosure of social security numbers, and (3) limit access to social security numbers.

At First County Bank, we value our customer relationships. We want you to understand how we use the information you provide and our commitment to ensuring your personal privacy. If you have any further questions about how First County Bank protects your confidential information, please do not hesitate to call us at (203) 462-4400.

For Your Security

ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION: No bank would ever call you and request information about you or your account (account number, social security, etc.). If you receive such a call, hang up and contact your bank and local police.