First County Advisors

Trust and Estates

First County Advisors offers a wide array of fiduciary services for individuals and families. Collaborating with your attorney, we review and implement a customized estate plan to preserve, enhance and transfer wealth to your heirs. We serve as Executor or Trustee or as Co-Executor and Co-Trustee with a family member or other party.

Trust Administration:

  • Collect and manage trust assets according to trust agreement and statutory requirements
  • Evaluate discretionary and non-discretionary distributions to beneficiaries
  • Recordkeeping of investment activity, receipts and disbursements
  • Triennial reporting to the probate court if necessary
  • Annual filing of fiduciary tax returns

Estate Planning & Settlement Services include:

  • Review of current assets and existing plan
  • Implement enhancements to the plan
  • Locate, collect and appraise estate assets
  • Recordkeeping of investment activity, receipts and disbursements
  • Payment of final expenses, debts, taxes
  • Manage tax filings and probate court reports
  • Distribution to beneficiaries

First County Advisors welcomes the opportunity to work with you to address your family’s unique circumstances.