First County Advisors

Wealth Management

For over 160 years, First County Bank has been operating under a set of guiding principles that have been core to our philosophy and success. These are the principles that have kept us financially strong and committed to helping local residents and businesses. This stability-minded philosophy of “doing what’s right” is what makes our approach to banking fresh.

At First County Bank, we feel that the services we offer are just the beginning. Through our trust and investment division, First County Advisors, our job is to become your trusted consultant, who will recommend what’s best for you, your family or business.

First County Advisors is committed to the core values of First County Bank: personal service, financial stability and a conservative investment outlook. Decisions are made locally and support for all your investment needs is right in your community, whether you are an individual investor or business.

First County Advisors will provide you with thoughtful recommendations on:

  • Investment, Retirement and Financial Planning
  • Estate and Trust Planning
  • Investment Management and Trust Administration
  • Fiduciary and other services